How do I use this?

It’s very easy to use. You connect your GoPro to the mount with screws while the GoPro is in the underwater case. Once you attach the GoPro you can adjust the 3-way to however to want. You can adjust it to be really long or just short so you have a smaller frame. You can loosen the screws and that is how you would adjust it. The mount can bend into different ways so you can get record the perfect shot. I use this mount very often because to me, it is a hassle to hand hold the GoPro because it is chunky and can be difficult to get a good grip.


There is also a tri-pod attached under the handle of the 3-way. This is a very beneficial feature because when you need a shot of your whole body you can attach the GoPro to this and it will stay wherever you put it. There is a video on YouTube on how a girl used the tri-pod while skiing on rails and ramps. It is a neat shot to get because it’s important to shoot different types of shots. tripcrop



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